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Slaked lime (Marmorino)

Slaked lime (Marmorino) - B.M.2000 SRL

The faux evokes the look of marble in both striped finish that in the heightened brilliance. Spatolato achievable with lime is a type of major impact that goes well with classic and modern furnishings. The wall made ​​in faux finishing, is perfectly smooth and silky to the touch. These features allow you to easily replace it with other techniques pittura.Disponibile in a wide range of colors (bamboo, travertine, mother of pearl, olive)

Polished plaster

Polished plaster - B.M.2000 SRL

Vegetable product containing binders and colored earth, taking the Renaissance style, makes the environment valuable and highly decorative. The Venetian plaster has a shiny appearance and is smooth to the touch. Thanks to its properties is breathable and washable with soap neutri.Disponibile in a wide range of colors (pink granite, turquoise, jute, coral red).


Drywall - B.M.2000 SRL

Plasterboard is a building material. Is currently is one of the most widely used materials in the building light given its speed of application and its special qualities termoacustiche.Si thereby gives rise to an effective manufacturing technique, based on the principle of warping metal support and a coating with new slabs of plaster, in order to achieve vertical separating elements (walls and contropareti) and horizontal (ceilings) within buildings.


Whitening - B.M.2000 SRL

The work of painting, decorating, painting is done with the help of modern technologies, materials and advanced techniques that result in quality finishes that make the job and dell'imbianchino, an important element in defining the style of a house . The effects most commonly used in the work of interior painting, exterior painting and artistic decoration, also suitable to increase the value of old buildings, are: spatula, faux ...


Restructuring - B.M.2000 SRL

Interventions aimed at transforming the organism existing building by means of a systematic set of works that lead to the realization of a building in whole or in part different from the previous one.
The building renovations differ from those of preservation and restoration, which must leave unchanged the characteristics and meet the formal and structural elements of the building. The execution of works of building renovation is subject to preventive GRATIS  by our company.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery - B.M.2000 SRL